Interaction Design

Prediction & Surprise in Design

One of the main, overarching, prevailing views of the human mind in cognitive science at the moment is that it is a prediction machine, at pretty much every level of architecture. Philosophers and scientists such as Andy Clark, Karl Friston & Anil Seth describe a picture of cognition in which we (our brains, our minds), […]

The best (though deep and complex) way to design novel, brilliant interfaces

I recently wrote about prototype theory, and how it supports the notion that we should abide by design conventions, or at least introduce new design patterns very gradually. Let’s face it though, that’s not where the fun, the fame and the glory lie. Truly memorable, creative and powerful design is often defies convention and introduces something that […]

An alternative to Personas

Our understanding of psychology is growing and changing constantly. In universities and research centres, the fundamental concept of what a human mind is, and how it works, is evolving rapidly. The everyday world of work, and products and our daily lives lags behind in this understanding however, and as a result a lot of the […]

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