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Mostly links to articles about new technologies and design exemplifying tools and products become more integrated with the human mind, and people's experiences of reality.

The Dark Side of Good AI - 'More human than humans'

I want you to imagine a future. A good future. The future that the people who are currently warning us about AI are hoping to create. Actually, before you do that, let’s just quickly do a two minute rehash of the threat of AI, as it is often presented to us by the likes of […]

Microsoft Hololens

The Microsoft Hololens looks very exciting. In a nutshell, it’s a headset that projects virtual objects and images into your visual field. So it’s kind of like virtual reality in that you are seeing things that seem real, but aren’t, in front of you, but you are also seeing what is really in front of […]

Smart Contact Lenses

Take a normal contact lens, and combine it with some advanced digital projection technology, and some communication capabilities and sensors, and you have smart contact lenses – a concept that feels like it is years away in the future, but is actually right here on the horizon. Smart contact lenses will be able to effectively […]

The Med Sensation Robotic Sensor Glove

Here is a great example of how we are moving away from interfaces, as smart technology becomes more integrated with our natural senses and abilities. The ‘Med Sensation’ does two things – it augments our hands’ natural sensing abilities, and also quantifies the feedback that we would normally have to just intuit, by recording data […]

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