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The Med Sensation Robotic Sensor Glove
Joseph C Lawrence

Here is a great example of how we are moving away from interfaces, as smart technology becomes more integrated with our natural senses and abilities. The ‘Med Sensation’ does two things – it augments our hands’ natural sensing abilities, and also quantifies the feedback that we would normally have to just intuit, by recording data about the position of things being touched, the pressure of the touch, and even data via micro ultrasound scanners built into the fingers of the glove.

I think inventions like this will become commonplace as trends in biomimicry grow, and we learn more about the power of extracting quantifiable data from our normal and habitual actions. Products like this, especially in the field of medicine, can create huge efficiencies in both professional and also home healthcare, that can affect millions of people’s lives. Rocking.

This is also an example of a trend towards ‘no interface’, whereby some features and functionality of devices are integrated directly into our ordinary behaviour, rather than us needing to control them and read feedback via a designed interface. Augmented reality mobile applications often exhibit this trend, and can often be incredibly intuitive, without almost a zero learning curve.

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